We have Officially Released!

Our Latest Works.

We have worked on a lot of projects. Not only hosting but also coding and design.
The tiles below represent projects that we have worked on, or are currently working on.

Our Services.

We promise to give the best experience we can deliver for the cheapest price.
We customize everything you need, and optimize everything you need.


Got a low budget or need help with funding? Don't worry we got you covered. Not only are our prices aslow as we can get them, but we also offer shared payments so you can easily share the costs of the product.


Got problems with getting the word out? We can help you with that. Advertising with us will make sure your Server will get found by the right people.

Photo Design.

Have the perfect Idea for a logo, but can't find someone who will make it for you? Let our Graphics Designers do it for you. They won't stop untill you got what you want.


Do you remember host that had cheap service but were filled with adds? Don't worry we aren't one of them.
Optionally you can add your own adds.


We host what you want, whenever you want it. For the cheapest price and best experience we can offer.

Web Development.

Not only our designs are good. Our development is even better. You won't get dissapointed when you see the result.

Who Are We.

We are Cube Gaming, a hosting company.

Our Process.

Offer cheap and reliable Hosts and other services. Not only to your local area but worldwide. You choose the location, we provide.

Our Approach.

With a already growing number of customers, we want to give each and every customer the same happy experience. If something can be optimalized it will. We also offer a wide amount of services so we can serve as much customers as possible.

Our Goal.

To be the best cheap, reliable hosting company. Provide the best customer care we can and help them as much as possible.

Our Mission.

To be one the best Hosting service providers we can be. Complaints? What are those we haven't recieved a single one since we started.

Our Team.

Each member in our team has a minimal amount of: 2 years experience with hosting companies, website developing and/or graphic design.

Thomas, thomas673

Lead Director

Thomas does all of our Creative Direction. He is a good Director and has over 3 years of experience, he founded this company and got us as far as we are now.

Jonas, jonaas13

Lead Developer, Creative Director

Jonas does all of our Technical work, he also with Creative Direction. He has 3+ years of experience in graphics design and 4+ Development. We wouldn't have gotten as far as we are now without him.

Get In Touch With Us.

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